Mission is over, mission is done.

I'll miss you children of the sun

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10 May 1984
Alright, let me spell it out for you. I’m a twenty-something guy who drips sarcasm off of every word, uses wit as a weapon, and says things as truthfully and bluntly as possible. In most respects, I’m a douchebag. But at least I’m honest about it. On the other hand I have a heart bigger than I’d prefer, and tend to be loyal to a fault. I’d classify myself as a cynic and a realist, though I’ve been called a pessimist by more people than I’d like to say. I prefer a cool cloudy day to a hot sunny one, and I enjoy movies that make me feel like I’ve been emotionally suckerpunched by the end. I smile when I feel it, but I show it when I don’t. I live my life in “somedays…” and I dream in color. I believe in life, but I’m not so sure about after. I love when I can and wish I didn’t. I trust when I shouldn’t and wish I hadn’t. I dance in the dark and sing in the shower. I pass mirrors quickly and am eternally fascinated by clocks. I fear loneliness but feel I’m better suited for it. I sing when I think no one is listening. I’ve got more words than time, and more stories than listeners. I can sometimes be an explosion of contradictions, but the one thing you can always expect from me: the truth.

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